Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Please McFuck Off, David Fairhurst, Part 2

Just checked back on the BBC poll about the 'Change The OED Definition Poll' that poor ol' McDonalds have initiated.

It doen't seem public opinion is with them thus far.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Please McFuck Off, David Fairhurst

So, poor old McDonalds want to make the OED change their description of a 'McJob' as "an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects", eh?
Well, that's a little odd, because flipping burgers is precisely that.
I've done it.
For McDonalds.
It was along time ago, thank god, so the pain has nearly worn off, but it was a terrible job! The regimenting of it's uniform and it's pseudo militaristic star-points badge system. And that's not even getting into the sub-standard garbage they laughingly foist on the public as food. Anyone recall the McSalad that had more calories in it than a burger?

Fairhurst (now there's a name to conjour with) also tries to go for the faux 'camaraderie' angle with his whineing "It is also insulting for everyone else who works in the wider restaurant and tourism sectors."
Of course this is hardly true, as people who don't work for McDonalds don't have a fraction of the negative stigma attached to them.
The BBC News online story about it has a nice little vote-me-up on the same page, and having monitored it for about an hour or so, the volume of votes cast has increased by over 1,000 votes, but the percentage voting against any change to the current OED definition still hasn't dipped below 80%.

Still McDo's have Sir Digby Jones on their team, so they are bound to win. Aren't they?

>attached. Grab from BBCi

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don't believe the Hippies!

Before the avalanche of marketing (and the after effects of the recent court case victory) hits us in earnest, there was a nice piece on The Daily Show about La Brown's magnificent octopus.

Rob Corddry, in his 'The Week In God' spot talks about the Da Vinci Code:

For those who haven't read it, the book is about a professor who discovers that the Catholic Church has covered up Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdelene, and that their decendants walk among us to this day.

C'Mon! Who's gonna believe that? Jesus was born by immaculate conception and later rose from the dead - use your heads, people!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sorry, I've been sleeping through all this last four weeks...

Mainly hoping it was all a bad dream. Sadly, it appears that it wasn't. But never mind - we can all give them a good spanking on Thursday. Make sure you know how to use your vote properly.

Go here to find out: clickety-click.

More soon. Oh yes.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ooops, Must have forgotten my watch...

This man works for News International. He is known as the 'fake sheik' or Mazher Mahmood.
Their lawyers don't want to have his photo published before 5.00pm today.

Oh dear, I did it again.....

[See the air darken with the writs of lawyers - or not]

Obsolete has some wonderful details on this tale of shady goings-on at Murdoch Towers.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Whoa! Who'd have thought they'd get away with it, eh? It's a Shocker!

Incredible, isn't it? An inquiry (by the Pentagon) has found that The Pentagon wasn't guilty of doing something wrong.
What a turn-up for the books! 

Let's all just take a moment to remember where we live, eh?

Last time I looked, the U.K. was an alledged western liberal democracy (with obvious Blairite tendencies toward ass-licking the States, but all the same...).
But, Shabina Begum is a bit full-on about Muslim dress codes, and wanted to go for the 'Brut 45'* approach to jilbabs and the like.
Sadly, the House of Lords doesn't agree. Oh well.

[*Wrap it on all over]

Holy Shellfish, Batman!

Did you know this?

No more Prawn Cocktails for you god-botherers, then.

Next Generation Operating System?

Sooooo.... Windows Vista has slipped (at least in it's home consumer version) to a release date sometime in January 2007. It seems that there are 'quality issues'. Not another 8 weeks or so is going to make the slightest bit of difference to the final quality of the product - that of a cheap Mac OS X ripoff - but interesting that the jolly chaps in Redmond don't seem to give a shite about the PC manufacturers who will lose out on a huge amount of unit sales this Christmas.
Slipping release dates are not strangers to Bill and the boys from Redmond, as this superb piece from the Register maps out very well. 
Waiting with bated breath? 
What probably wasn't mentioned in the marketing guff was that when they were talking about a next generation operating system, they meant that it might well be be released in time for your grandchildren to use.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who Let the Dog(s) Out? Or off their leads anyway.

Poor Old Charles Clarke. A definate knickers-in-twist scenario seems to be in the offing. The Security Elephant is huffing and puffing about Jack Dromey's all-too-reasonable reaction to the 'PeerGate' debacle.
Jumbo said to a 'Westminster Lunch' - so, no sober souls there, then - that "you have to wonder how well he (Dromey) was doing his work". Pretty rich, huh?

He probably wants Jack to get some kind of parity with himself, since people are almost continually asking the same question of Herr Clarke...
...and coming up with the answer not unlike that of Alan Sugar's firing line in last week's Apprentice:"You're a bloody lightweight - you should be fired".

Update: Jumbo has been promoted to chief seer to No.10, it seems. He now happily proclaims that Bliar will be with us until "sometime in 2008".
Only one small problem, though, this oh-so-juicy little tidbit didn't come from any briefing, or conversation with Ol' Tone, or any of that - oh, no. "he also said his opinion was not based on any inside knowledge or conversations".

So you just made it up, because you knew the soundbite would carry a spoiler story for the end of day news cycle. What a complete fuckwit.

Progress Bar

I'm so angry with the continued teflon-ness of Tone and the Gang, that I've chosen to keep a whether eye on matters States-side for a bit.
According to Americablog, there's a new buzzword in town.

Shall we see how far it's spread this week, boys and girls?

Well, CNN have got one, sorry - two instances.

Bush himself used the phrase 7 times in his speech yesterday. and managed to slip it in again in his first answer in the Q & A section.

Try Googling it - lazylink.

Every news outlet has picked up on (or been instructed to pick up on) the 'P' word, just so Dubya can make it look as though the U.S. is forging ahead.

Like coffee in Brazil, it seems there's a awful lot of 'progress' in Iraq.